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  2. We only know our lives when we experience them directly.

  3. Each of us has own list of expectations

    When we’re willing just to be here, exactly as we are, life is always OK; feeling good is OK, feeling bad is OK; if things go well it’s OK, if things go badly it’s OK. The emotional upsets we experience are problems because we don’t want things to be the way they are. We all have expectations, but as meditation develops those expectations gradually shrivel up and, like a withered leaf, just blow away. More and more we are left with what’s right here, right now. This may seem frightening, because our expecting mind wants life to turn out in a certain way; we want to feel good, we don’t want to be confused, we don’t want to get upset - each of us has our own list. 

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  8. On my laptop!

    On my laptop!

  9. Glimpses of World Book Fair ‘14, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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